So furby cute! Frogmouth chick looks exactly like a fluffy furby

By Kristiana Hall

This adorable little frogmouth chick looks exactly like a Furby!

Sascha Kuchenbaur / Vogelpark Olching / Caters News

Looking like a giant cotton ball, and having the stern face of a Furby, this little creature is adorable.

The white frogmouth hatched on 31 August and has been appropriately named ‘Fluffy’.

The bird was born at Vogelpark Oclhing Bird Park in Munich, Germany last month.

Sascha Kuchenbaur / Vogelpark Olching / Caters News

A spokesman for the Bird Park said: “Because of his style we called him Fluffy and he is the first chick of this species that ever hatched in our Bird Park.

“At first we only had two males, but this April we got two young females who were born in 2016.

“Both pairs harmonise very well and the female with the younger male started laying only three weeks after we put the pair together.

“We are very proud about our tawny frogmouth chick, we hope to raise Fluffy well and breed more chicks in the coming years.

“Fluffy is growing his first dark feathers and he is doing very well.”