Snappy meal – Baby meerkat gobbles down scorpion

This baby meerkat certainly enjoyed this SNAPPY MEAL once it had finally figured out how to eat it.

The cute youngster snarls at the scorpion as it tries to find its way past its claws.

Eventually it manages to work its way behind its meal and pin it to the ground.

Pic from Neal Cooper/Caters News

The meerkat then grabs the scorpion by its tail and proceeds to gobble it down.

The scene was pictured by South African wildlife photographer Neal Cooper in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

Neal, 51, said: “An adult meerkat dug up the scorpion and grabbed it before immediately running towards the baby with it.

Pic from Neal Cooper/Caters News

“The baby then took told of it and tried to kill it but it was just too big.

“Finally it managed to cope with it. The adult was standing close by and watching the events. It was using the opportunity to train the youngster, so the situation was not that dangerous for the baby.

“As far as I know the scorpions are not poisonous for the meerkats.”