‘Smoking’ monkey appears to enjoy cheeky cigarette as it strips bark from twig

This monkey appears to be enjoying a cheeky smoke as it holds a stick to its mouth just like a cigarette.

In the funny snap, the lion-tailed macaque has what looks like a roll-up cigarette perched between his fingers as he holds it up to his pursed lips.

Pic By: Craig Smith/Mercury Press

But dad-of-two Craig Smith, who took the shots at Camperdown Wildlife Centre, Dundee, on September 28, pointed out that the monkey isn’t aping bad human habits but enjoying a healthy snack.

The macaque is actually stripping the bark off the stick for food so he can chow down on a tasty twig-arette.

Pic By: Craig Smith/Mercury Press

Full-time carer Craig, 42, said: “He really looks like he’s being naughty and smoking a cigarette.

“The way he’s holding the stick is exactly how people hold a cigarette and he’s even got it up to his mouth, pursing his lips. It’s so funny.

“I was watching him stripping the bark off the stick and eating it for quite a while and I just knew something great was going to happen.

Pic By: Craig Smith/Mercury Press

“This is one of those shots you can wait a lifetime to get.”

After years of taking photos on his phone, nature and wildlife-lover Craig decided to buy his first professional camera six months ago and hasn’t looked back.

Craig said: “I have always been interested in nature and wildlife. I love being outdoors and I used to do a lot of fishing but being a full-time carer for my son it was hard to find the time.

Pic By: Craig Smith/Mercury Press

“I’ve taken photos on my phone for years but earlier this year I decided to just go for it and get myself a proper camera.

“I haven’t looked back. It has been such an amazing hobby to get into and I’ve had some really nice comments from people.

Pic By: Craig Smith/Mercury Press

“People tell me I have a natural eye for it which is really great to hear.”