Slippery as a fish – Bear struggles to catch leaping salmon

Pic By Joe Ford/Caters News

This big bear needs to work on its fishing technique – after repeatedly missing a catch.

The coastal brown bear has makes several attempts to snag a leaping salmon, but on each occasion he misses by inches.

With each attempt the predator kicks up larger and larger splashes.

Eventually, the bear manages to keep hold of a salmon and slides off to the river bank to enjoy its meal.

**MANDATORY BYLINE** Pic By Joe Ford/Caters News

Photographer Joe Ford, from Utah, spotted the bear fishing for sockeye salmon at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park, Alaska.

Joe, 68, said: “I do tend to get caught up in the execution of the shot, but this opportunity to be so immersed in nature was emotional for me.

“These bearare majestic, powerful, and beautiful. You cannot help but be a bit overwhelmed when in the presence of these thousand pound critters.

Pic By Joe Ford/Caters News 

“I was keenly aware I was not at the top of the food chain.

“That said I never felt threatened even though at times I was, unintentionally, very close to the bears. Their focus was on fishing.

“I think this is the favourite image I have ever captured.

“What makes it stand out for me is the action and the emotion of the missed catch.

“It reminds me of the incredible experience I had at that magical place.

“I have returned to the Brooks Falls series of images many times.  It seems I aalways drawn back to the emotions I felt during my visit.”