Slam lunch! Cheetah takes down bouncing impala in mighty tackle

Deon Hoon/Caters News

A cheetah impressively wrestled an impala to the ground despite having to snatch it from the air.

 Deon Hoon, 62 from South Africa captured the spectacular event in the Pilanesberg National Park, SA last month.

Life coach Deon watched an Impala bounce into the air to escape a cheetah which leapt up to catches it and perform a wrestling move on him to pin him down for the kill.

Deon Hoon/Caters News

Deon said: “We arrived at Rahlogo hide just after 7am and occupied the prime observation spot for the rest of the morning. Apart from some Zebra, Guinea fowl and Impala it was relatively quiet.

“Some Impala sauntered down and drank some water but they were very alert. The next minute the cheetah attacked.

Deon Hoon/Caters News

“I went into overdrive and clicked merrily along following the action. The adrenaline only kicked in when I reviewed the images on the back of the camera.

“I then only realised that the cheetah went under a bush for a second and the impala got confused and turned back.

Deon Hoon/Caters News

“The unlucky one tried to jump over the cheetah and he caught her in the air. Later the other two cubs joined and together they dragged the kill away from the kill-site to enjoy their meal.

“It was the longest 58 seconds of my life.”