Shoulder-shot orangutan graduates from pre-school

PIC FROM International Animal Rescue / Caters News

This baby orangutan has just graduated!

After being rescued last year, the orangutan has now graduated from pre-school to baby school.

‘Didik’ the orangutan was rescued by International Animal Rescue in Borneo after he was found with a bullet lodged in his shoulder, abandoned in a shop, sick andstarving.

He was severely malnourished and very hungry – but now he is great at foraging and can’t stop eating.

Lis Key, from International Animal Rescue, said: “This video below shows him climbing high, swinging through the trees in the forest at our centre.

“He was captured to be sold as a pet, and it is amazing to see the difference in him today.

PIC FROM International Animal Rescue / Caters News 

“His love for food is helping him to grow strong every day and his curious and inquisitive nature makes him a very quick leaner – he is having no problem making friends!

“He is making amazing progress and has now graduated from pre-school and entered baby school.”