Shocked surfer appears to risk life as shark stalks him from wave – but all is not as it seems

By Kristiana Hall

 This shocked surfer appeared to risk his life to catch a wave as a huge shark stalked him from the depths – but all was not as it seemed.

 Luckily, the optical illusion shot, taken by Pierre Paul Cazes, 60, at Pennington Bay in Kangaroo Island, South Australia, last week [Jan 24] actually shows a dolphin hiding in the wave.

PIC FROM Pierre Cazes/Caters News

 Frenchman Pierre, who has lived in Australia for the last 40 years, was shooting photographs in the area after hearing that dolphins would appear near the bay.

 But the elongated animal seen through the water of the wave in his perfectly-timed photograph appears far more shark-like.

 Luckily, the snapper wasn’t worried as he knew the creature was a friendly dolphin after spotting the pod arrive.

PIC FROM Pierre Cazes/Caters News

 Pierre said: “The wind was blowing from the north, which meant this particular spot produces nice waves and brings surfers out too.

 “I was waiting for the dolphins but I saw some surfers jumping in the water too so began taking photos.

 “I saw the animals start to show up, but luckily I knew they were dolphins as I saw the pod coming.

“The dolphins were even surfing the waves too.”