Shocked kiteboarder hits humpback whale


This shocked kiteboarder really did hit a hump in the road – as he rode right over a giant HUMPBACK WHALE

Having initially been gliding innocently across the water, Andrei Grigoriev’s incredible footage then shows the exact moment he then collided with the large mammal.

Andrei’s board skims right over the back of the rising whale, before the extreme sports enthusiast can be seen spreading his arms in utter amazement.

The moment was captured in the waters off Crissy Field Beach, California, USA, on June 18, 2017.

Andrei, 36, who lives in the Bay Area, said he had never even seen a whale before that moment, and though the footage may appear shocking, he never intended any harm to the animal; it was a complete accident.

Explaining the situation, Andrei said: “I was going straight out from the beach when something touched my board from below.

“For another 15 second I had a feeling there was something around me, until the whale jumped out of the water right in front of me.


“The scene was completely accidental.”

Reflecting on his heart-stopping video, Andrei said he had a sense that the whale had initially touched his board once, preparing him for the second, more substantive hit.

The kiteboarder said that he is fascinated by the size and friendliness of whales, and he feels that if the animal had been intimidated by his presence it would have hit him with its tail.

Andrei said: “I thought this was unbelievable and crazy to get into.

“I do have tendency to get into these type of situations.”