She’s mine! Pheasant defends his lady when another tries to make advances

This is the hilarious moment a protective pheasant ruffled more than a few feathers when another tried to woo his hen.


Already aware of other males around him invading his territory, the pheasant was ready to fight. The final straw came when one of them took it too far and tried to court his precious hen.

The bird’s feathers were definitely ruffled as it went into full combat mode and began jumping, pecking and kicking his rival.


It is thought the pheasant was trying to protect his breeding territory when he was caught off-guard as another pheasant tried to court his female.

Spotting his rival’s sneaky move, the pheasant advanced with extended wings towards his enemy and started using his beak to hack his head.


The stunning pictures were captured by German photographer Ingo Gerlach near Lake Neusiedl in Austria.

Ingo observed the field and saw numerous pheasants of around the same strength all protecting their assigned spaces.


He said they all only had one female with them, which is unusual. Normally, pheasants can live with up to twelve hens.

As Pheasants are polygamous, Ingo said they were likely pining for more than one female and that makes for drama.


Ingo said: “The pheasant seemed to have an imaginary line and if his neighbours crossed it, they’d be threatened with a heavy head-kick.

“When the pheasant saw his unfaithful hen, he moved towards his enemy like an oiled lightning strike.”


“Of course the other pheasant was quick to defend himself and a huge fight kicked off. He wanted to let the neighbour know who was lord of the manor.

“The amount of hens present was unusual. There was definitely a lady-lack here.”