She can’t get a lion in! Adorable snaps capture playful cubs waking mum

These adorable snaps capture a mischievous lion cub trying to wake his mum by having a chew on her tail.

Captured by wildlife photographer Yaron Schmid the playful snaps show the youngster baring his tiny teeth and gnawing on her tail – much to her annoyance.


The photos were taken one afternoon earlier this month near Namiri Plains in Serengeti, Tanzania, while Yaron, who runs a safari company, was scoping out venues for future guests.

Yaron, from New York, US, said: “This was one of the most amusing moments I have ever experienced in all my travels.



“The lioness was resting with the lions by her side on top of a big rock.

“Every few minutes one of the cubs would go to nurse and that would wake her up and she’d get angry.

“She moved her tail and that attracted one of the cubs to start playing with it as if it was a toy. Other cubs saw it, and joined the game.


“For more than 15 minutes the three cubs kept chasing their mum’s tail, biting it and trying to pull it.

“The mother was relatively relaxed though you could see that it irritated her and so she kept moving her tail back and forth, which made the cubs even more interested in it.

“The cub looks like he isn’t giving up and is seen playing with his mother’s head and tail – did he manage to wake her up? Yes, several times and of course the dad slept through the whole thing.


“Most of the time, I focused on the cub’s face, as this should be the centre of attention, but there were times, when I predicted that the lioness would wake up and get upset, so then I’d focus on her face.”

Yaron, 48, said the cubs were around two to three months old and were in a pride with two males, six lionesses and about seven cubs.


Yaron, who also works as a vet and wildlife photographer, runs a safari company YS Wildlife Photography and Safaris, to help others experience Africa and has been taking photographs for around seven years.

The dad-of-two said his interest in wildlife photography came after he fell in love with Africa during a safari in 2011 with his favourite places to take pictures being Kenya and Tanzania.