Serene snaps capture deer lounging in long grass on grounds of country manor

These serene snaps capture deer lounging in long grass on the grounds of a country manor.

The fallow deer were photographed peacefully grazing and snoozing among the greenery at Dunham Massey in Altrincham, Cheshire, on September 2.


Young photographer Becky Sparks, 21, who has never taken pictures of deer before, said she has had lots of positive feedback on the idyllic shots.

Becky said: “I like how peaceful the deer look. They were all really sleepy. I like the light of the photos too.

“Lots of people have really liked the photos – I’ve had lots of positive feedback really.


“It’s the first time I’ve taken pictures of deer so the positive response has been great.”

After developing an interest in photography as a child Becky, who shares the hobby with her dad, took it up professionally two years ago.

When taking pictures for fun Becky focuses on wildlife and nature as they’re her main passions.

Becky said: “I’ve been taking pictures for as long as I can remember really.


“My dad is into photography as well and I probably started becoming interested and taking pictures when I was around 12.

“I’ve always had a love for wildlife and being outside so I photograph bees, squirrels and now deer.


“Nature is my main focus when I’m just taking pictures for fun.”