Secret life of penguins revealed in fascinating time-lapse footage

The secret life of penguins has been revealed in this fascinating time-lapse footage.

The 60,000 strong colony were filmed going about their daily business at Gold Harbour in South Georgia by Steven Rose.

The busy birds can be seen huddling together and posing for pictures with some more inquisitive penguins checking out the GoPro filming them.

Steven, a photographer and photo guide, even had to set the camera up several times after the curious birds kept knocking it down.

The 62-year-old said: “I was working for One Ocean Expeditions we landed the passengers by zodiac on the beach where the colony of 60,000 plus kings are.

“I set the GoPro up to record the penguin activity and it wasn’t not long before an over-zealous young penguin knocked it over.

“Passengers and I had to keep putting the small tripod back up.

“I placed the GoPro off to the side of a penguin highway up from the beach we landed at.

“The penguins tread the snow down over a period of time making it easier to travel back and forth to the nesting sites which are always on the higher rocks where the ice and snow melt first as the summer comes.”