Seal makes a splash with beach goers

A seal has made a splash with beach goers after it was spotted surfing a wave.

Seal Surfs on Beach

The friendly seal catches some waves as it plays with beach goers

Pictured cruising through the water looking effortlessly cool, the friendly seal is seen swimming amongst the crowd as it waited for the next huge swell.

Seal Surfs on Beach

Stunned onlookers watch on excitedly on Sandy Beach, Hawaii

Captured in the waters off Sandy Beach, Oahu, Hawaii, the location is strictly for expert level surfers only.

Seal Surfs on Beach

A surfer comes face-to-face with a monk seal as he swims through the water

But judging by the seals skill in the water, it seems the marine mammal could teach the locals a thing or two about catching a wave.

Seal Surfs on Beach

Although seals are rarely seen near in the area, the marine mammal seemed keen to make friends

Taken by New York photographer, David Amann, 52, the agile creature is seen diving beneath the water, allowing the tide to carry it towards the shoreline.

Luckily, although the Monk seals only visit the beach a few times a year, David managed to grab the camera from his bag and snap the seal hanging ten.

David said: “This is a very unusual occurrence, seals do visit Sandy Beach a couple of times a year but I have never seen one come in on the braking side of the beach.

“It certainly does look like it is catching a ride onto the beach, I have never seen this done by a monk seal before but they are experts in the water and I am sure it knows what it is doing.

“The seal did make it to the beach for a relaxing rest on this sunny day.

“As soon as the people realised the seal was approaching the beach, everyone ran in that direction.

“I had my camera handy in my bag, but it was my wife, Elizabeth, that first spotted the seal.

“It is always a treat to get a visit from our ocean living brothers and sister so we were very excited, especially to see the seal catching some waves.”