Seal-iously good fun! Stunning underwater images capture playful sea lion pups

These stunning underwater snaps show two sea lions having some seal-iously good fun as they chase each other around.

The pups were captured pirouetting under the sea while other images show one of them looking into the camera and flashing a cheeky grin.


Another snap, taken by underwater photographer Nick Polanszky, shows a relaxed sea lion appearing to snooze while hovering just beneath the surface of the water.

The beautiful photographs were taken near the small volcanic rock Island of Los Islotes in the Espiritu Santo Marine Park in Baja California Sur, Mexico, earlier this summer.

Nick from Brisbane, Australia, said: “These two are still juvenile sea lions coming into adulthood.

“It’s common to see two or more sea lions chasing each other, pushing and biting.


“While it may seem aggressive behaviour, this is completely normal among juvenile sea lions who are no older than seven years old.

“While mostly playing they are also known to practise territorial battles at a young age.

“To an outsider looking into the world of Californian sea lions it can seem completely chaotic, but juvenile and non-breeding California sea lions are perhaps the most playful of the pinnipeds.

“They often ride the surf, chase each other, push and shove each other off rocks.

“They’re very curious and playful by nature, and it is very common for them to approach you underwater and interact.

“I get a chance to capture these images in between them chewing on my camera, pushing up against me, swooping down into my bubbles or pulling on my hair.”


The 31 year old, who has been an underwater photographer for five years, is currently working at diving school the Cortez Club in Baja California Sur.

He spends his time at the Sea Lion Colony of Los Islotes running underwater photog