Sea-through: Amazing underwater gallery captures transparent ‘aliens of the deep

This incredible gallery shows the completely transparent ‘aliensof the deep’ which lurk deep underwater.

Photographer Cai Songda from Manila, Philippines, is a keen diver and did not miss the chance to snap pictures of the unique ‘aliens’.

Cai went on several diving trips this year- and he ended up with this beautiful collection of sea creatures- most of them in the area of Anilao.

Pic by Cai Songda/Caters News

He uses special lighting to illuminate his photos, as they are all taken in deep dark waters – and even believes there could be more undiscovered species out there still to be found.

He said: “’Alien-like’ is certainly a way to describe them – but for me, it’s not all there is to these sea creatures.

“I believe there are more undiscovered species out there.

Pic by Cai Songda/Caters News

“We’re already in the year 2018 and there are still a lot of discoveries coming out, we can never tell what else is in there and if we’ve already seen them all.

“I am very fond of blackwater diving,  I look at the black waters as a giant canvas, and residing in that giant canvas are myriads of sea creatures which decorate the pitch black waters as stars decorate the night sky.

“I find them very fascinating mainly, because of the mystery that surrounds these sea creatures.

“Logically, it should be that the more I dive, the more I know- but what happens is that the more I dive, the more I realise how little we actually know about the deep and everything it entails, shrouded in mystery, these sea creatures just keep on fascinating me without fail.

“I also like the experience very much.

“Every time I go into the waters, an unexplainable excitement always fills me with anticipation on what new things we would be able to see, what kinds of scenes would I be able to capture.

Pic by Cai Songda/Caters News

“These experiences are very precious to me. It also gives me a sense of fulfilment when what I work hard for gets seen by other people, most of which have never experienced diving.

Pic by Cai Songda/Caters News

“It comes from the thought that through doing what I love, I was able to bridge to these people an unknown world that they could’ve never seen.”