Say chimpan-cheese! Chimp fixes camera with cheeky grin

Pic by Greyo David/Caters News


This adorable chimp is ready for a modelling contract after fixing the camera with a cheeky grin.

Pic by Greyo David/Caters News

Staring right up the lens from underneath it the adorable animal has stolen the hearts of thousands who have liked the image on social media.

Pic by Greyo David/Caters News

The picture was taken at the Centre for the Conservation of Chimps (CCC) in the Haut-Niger National Park in Guinea, which is home to over 40 orphaned chimps.

Some of the others were also pictured playing in sand, swinging from trees and curling up in low branches.

Professional photographer David Greyo from Lausanne, Switzerland captured the chimps on camera.

Pic by Greyo David/Caters News

David, 43, said: “I volunteered for a chimpanzee sanctuary for a few weeks. I am an administrator of an association that protects chimpanzees and collects poached orphans.

“There are lots of different tasks at the sanctuary and I tried to capture them all in the images.

“We feed and care for 40 chimps and they spend the night in cages.

Pic by Greyo David/Caters News

“Then during the day time we take them out into the forest where they are totally free. It’s to teach them how to survive in this environment.

“In the wold, young chimpanzees learn al that from their parent and from the group but here the sanctuary staff have to play the role of parents.

Pic by Greyo David/Caters News

“It was a great experience being there but I’m a little pessimistic about the future of the species.

“Each year the sanctuary welcomes new chimpanzees and there are now more than 40 boarders.”