Say cheese! Shark smiling aught on camera while swimming with divers

They’re normally known as mighty predators, but this shark was happy to SMILE for the camera in front of shocked divers.

Cassie Jensen, 29, a child protective investigator, managed to snap the lemon shark while diving in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, around three miles from shore.

Pic by Cassie Jensen/Caters News

The photographer of three years said: “My main goal is to bring people into the water, show them the beautiful things beneath the surface, and give them a reason to fight to make a difference for our planet.

“I love this image because it was extremely challenging to get- timing is everything, especially when working with wild animals.

“The position of the shark, diver, and fish head are all perfect – a very rare occurrence – I got lucky.”

Pic by Cassie Jensen/Caters News

Cassie enjoys diving next to sharks and does so often, and unlike most people she doesn’t actually consider them cold-blooded killers.

She added: “The diver just hand fed the female lemon shark a snack of dead fish.

“We dive with sharks in an attempt to bring awareness to them- to show others that they are not the mindless killers they are perceived to be.

“They are extremely misunderstood beings, who deserve to have their real persona exposed.

Pic by Cassie Jensen/Caters News

“They are incredible, highly intelligent, calculating, curious, evolved creatures who deserve respect.

“There is nothing quite like diving with sharks, and sharing space with an apex predator- you must respect them, and they will respect you.

“Being complacent in the water is how accidents happen.

“Humans are not on their food chain, and it is our goal as shark divers, to bring awareness to their species that is rapidly declining due to the demand of shark fins.”