Say cheese! Adorable moment two tiny mice are spotted cuddling before bedtime

Say cheese! This is the adorable moment two tiny mice were spotted cuddling before bedtime.

Pictured clutching onto a dried up reed, the beaming buddies seemed more than happy to pose up for the camera.

Smiling Door Mice

The adorable dormice spotted smiling and snuggling together

But despite their cheery faces, the tiny two-some had recently had their nests destroyed by loggers.

Luckily, the adorable door mice were not harmed in anyway and after having a loving snuggle the pair managed to settle down for the night.

Smiling Door Mice

The two get comfortable despite losing their home to a logger

Taken by Czech wildlife photographer, Miroslav Hlávko, 34, the animal lover managed to call a local wildlife rescue worker to make sure they were both taken care of.

Spotted in a forest near the city of Trutnov, Russia, Miroslav managed to get close enough to capture the tender moment on camera by slowly approaching the pair from a distance.

Smiling Door Mice

The mice find a comfy spot on top of a dried out reed

Miroslav said: “Some loggers had recently cut down a tree with the little door mice still inside their nests.

“Luckily, they didn’t suffer any injuries, I think maybe that is why they are both smiling.

“I managed to get really close to them by making my way very slowly through the grass and after looking back at the photograph, they seemed glad to see me.

“As soon as I took the image I knew it would be popular, they just look so comfortable and happy.

“It was so cute to see them cuddling together, they soon settled down and actually one of the mice started yawning.

“I tried not to disturb them too much, I took some photographs and then called a local wildlife rescue worker as I wanted to make sure they would be safe.

“This might be one of my favourite photographs I have ever taken, it wasn’t easy to taking a photo in the forest but I think I captured the moment just right.”