Saturday night lemur! This lemur’s busting a move just like John Travolta

Saturday night lemur! These incredible pictures show a buoyant lemur strutting his stuff just like John Travolta.

The lemur shows off his moves

The lemur shows off his moves

The hilarious pictures show a White Sifaka lemur busting a move for the cameras in one of Madagascar’s legendary rainforests.

Russell MacLaughlin, an experienced wildlife photographer from Tzaneen, South Africa, captured the amazing moment while visiting the island on Saturday December 5.

Russell said: “I’ve always wanted to capture a lemur dancing on film.


“I saw some pictures of a lemur dancing in a similar way years ago and just thought it was amazing – I had to see it for myself.

“I think I did well to capture this funny sequence though – the photographs are great, they really make me chuckle.

“It reminds me of a smooth routine you would see on a dance floor.”

White, otherwise known as Verreaux’s Sifaka lemurs, are famed for their long tails that it uses for balance when leaping from tree to tree.


Many things are unknown about the species including their lifespan but in captivity they generally live to up to 18 years old.