Sassy gorilla struts across enclosure

Pic from Roy Lewis/Caters News 

This sassy gorilla has all the moves as it struts across its enclosure.

The Western Lowland gorilla named Pendeka, affectionately called Pende, resides at Bronx Zoo, in Detroit and shares his with two other Drill monkeys and 10 chimpanzees as well as his two half brothers, Kongo-mbeli and Chipua.

A member of zoo staff said: “Curious and playful, middle-brother Pende is known for charging the glass while shrieking loudly and alarming visitors.”

However despite his boisterous ways, the animal care staff who know him say that he’s charming, laid-back, and peaceable.

Staff say they were initially anxious to witness the power struggle as the three half-brothers matured into silverback gorillas.

Although it first appeared that Pende was displaying his dominance he has now taken a step back from the leadership role and is allowing his brothers to shine through.

A staff member said: “the challenges for leadership have been limited to Kongo and Chip since Pende seemingly has no interest in being the boss.”