S-nout drops from this dog’s nose who can hilariously serve up a full glass of wine!


A talented pooch has become an internet sensation for his incredible balancing abilities.

Chris Geymayr and Autumn Peralta,28, from New York, have turned their pet into an internet sensation, sharing photos of his unique ability.

From stacked doughnuts to basketballs, seven-year-old Tango uses his sturdy snout to balance anything you could possibly imagine.

Chris said: “It started by getting Tango to keep small treats on his head to train obedience.

“I figured if he could sit still, with the thing he wants the most in life, on his face, he could do anything!

“Once he mastered small treats within a few days, I noticed he was so extraordinarily stoic while doing so, that I just started to see what crazy things I could balance!

“That’s when we started stacking treats and small foods like carrots or berries. It didn’t take long before I was trying everything from Pumpkins to Staplers.”

Pic from Caters News

Chris and Autmn started the Instagram account, @Tangomunch_Pitbull, to show off their talented  seven-year-old Pitbull who along with second dog, Poukie now has over 20,000 followers.

What started as a discipline exercise for Tango, soon turned into a remarkable act taking social media by storm.

Pic from Caters News

Chris said: “We got to the point where we had to start challenging him for the simple fact that he got great joy from balancing stuff and seeing our reactions.

“I’m certain the handful of treats he gets after every trick have nothing to do with it… so we got into extreme balancing.

“He’s balanced: Stemmed wine glasses full of wine; a dozen donuts; cupcakes with lit candles; balls from every major sport and sometimes doing so while sporting a full outfit”

Pic from Caters News

Tango was rescued at just three weeks old by Chris and Autumn as he was an from an accidental litter from someone’s household security dogs.

“We started the page mainly to change the perception that people have of Pitbulls which is why we do so much with Tango but as talented as he is, 20,000 plus people is a lot!”