Ruff waves! Supercool dogs caught on camera surfing waves in pacific ocean

These incredibly cool dogs were captured while surfing some RUFF waves at the World Dog Surfing Championship in California. ISA

The pictures were shot this month in Pacifica, California, where the annual charity event takes place, this year for the third time.

PIC FROM Tim Auer / Caters News

Wildlife snapper Tim Auer, 34, from Mountain View, California, was more than happy to capture the lovely pooches while they were on the paddle.

And he was pleased to watch odd-eyed mutt Skyler win the coveted Shredder of the year award.

He said: “I feel delighted, the dogs and their owners, as well as all the spectators – many who also brought their dogs too – were really enjoying the beach day and watching the dogs surf.

“It is held annually in Pacifica, California.

PIC FROM Tim Auer / Caters News

“The images show various heats of the individual dog surfing competition.

“The heats are organised by dog sizes – small to very large – a heat consists of a group of dogs paddling out with their owner for a set amount of time, and trying to catch as many waves as possible in that time frame.

“They are judged on what they do in that period of time.”

PIC FROM Tim Auer / Caters News