Rude monkey gives photographer the finger

Leon Fouche / Caters News 

This hilariously rude monkey doesn’t care what you think of him.

The baboon was captured holding his middle finger up in the air to a car as it sped away.

Wildlife artist, Leon Fouche, 34, couldn’t believe his eyes and he reckons he’ll never see anything like it again.

Leon took the picture in Kruger National Park, South Africa, he said: “It seems like it’s a case of ‘monkey see, monkey do’. When I pulled up next to the baboon he lifted his arm with his middle finger extended – I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Leon Fouche / Caters News

“It almost seems like the ‘hand signal’ was intended for the vehicles who had just been viewing him and were now driving away.

“I was visiting Kruger Park with my girlfriend for a period of about four weeks to take photos of wildlife to use as inspiration when producing my original wildlife artworks.

“It happened literally as I pulled up next to the baboon. When I saw what he was doing I stopped the car as quickly as I could being careful not to startle him, aimed my camera and quickly took the shot.

“Fortunately the baboon held that pose for a good few seconds. I’m fairly sure I’ll never see something like this again in my lifetimes. Perhaps in a zoo, but not in a wildlife reserve.

“It is the most common baboon found in southern Africa known as the ‘chacma baboon’.”