Round the twist! Three giraffes in sticky situation after getting necks entwined during embrace

That might be what they call putting your heads together – but it looks pretty uncomfortable for this group of young giraffes!

The three adolescent giraffes were caught on camera embracing with each other in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier game reserve, in South Africa, but photographer Steven Dover.

Pic by Steven Dover/Caters News

But their tender moment appeared more complicated than the average hug when the three animals’ enormous necks appeared for a moment to get well and truly tangled together.

Steven, from Johannesburg, said: “The three young giraffes were grouped tightly together, as if they were having a group hug.

“They were pressing their bodies into each other while tangling their necks metres into the air.

Pic by Steven Dover/Caters News

“I’m no giraffe expert, so I can’t explain exactly why they were doing this, but it was something I could only assume was some sort of affection and reassurance between youngsters and bonding between herd members.

“Driving away from this scene after watching them for some time, I felt very uplifted and happy to have witnessed something so strange yet so funny and loving, it definitely gave me another perspective on these beautiful creatures’ lives.”