Room for a small one? Tiny bird hitches a ride by landing back of a hawk

This is the moment a plucky bird managed to hitch a ride by landing on the back of a hawk.

Surfing Bird on Hawk

Taken in a series of images, the cheeky bird is seen tailing the bird of prey before casually landing on its back in mid-air.

Surfing Bird on Hawk

But although the fearless Western King Bird may appear to be having fun, it was actually attempting to attack the hawk as a way of protecting its young.

Surfing Bird on Hawk

The hilarious altercation was captured by South American photographer, Gerardo Grassi, 23, whilst he was out training his hawk in the art of falconry in the woods of El Salvador.

Surfing Bird on Hawk

Luckily, the laid back hawk had its eyes firmly on the food waiting for it in Gerardo’s glove and happily let the little birdie be.

Gerardo said: “I was training my Harris hawk in the art of falconry when the little bird came out of nowhere.

“It tried to attack my hawk and even managed to land on its back during the flight.

“The hawk was totally unfazed and didn’t pay any attention to the attack, which was quite comical to watch.

“At the site, other birds were alarmed by his presence, because clearly, the hawk is a skilled predator.

“It was amazing to see bird the bird willing to protect its chicks and stand up for its family no matter how big the opponent.

“The hawk is very well trained and had much more interest in the food in my glove that any of the birds in the forest.”