Roo alright bro? Young kangaroos practise boxing skills on each other in adorable play fight

A pair of adorable young kangaroos practice their boxing skills in an adorable, yet forceful, play fight.

Wildlife photographer, Georgina Steytler, captured the fisticuffs when the roos wandered in from the bush to feed on farmland property.

PIC FROM Georgina Steytler / Caters News

The 45-year-old captured these unique images when exploring Julimar State Forest, Western Australia.

Usually taking photographs of birds and wild kangaroos, Georgina spotted these two youngsters early one evening and was entertained by their antics.

PIC FROM Georgina Steytler / Caters News

“These two are quite young and are practicing how to fight so it’s quite gentle.

“When kangaroos fight, they stand on their tails and kick each other in the belly with their large hind feet.

PIC FROM Georgina Steytler / Caters News

“It’s so funny because they had a bit of a fight, then stopped to have a scratch before starting again.

“I love nature and I love photography, so it’s the perfect mix for me.

“Actually, I think being a nature photographer is the best thing in the world.”