Roar-ly angry – Lion’s frustration with cub written all over face

This male lion looks roar-ly angry at his little cub.

The cheeky little lion climbed on top of the adult in a playful game and attempted to bite his mane.

Pic by Daryl Dell/Caters News

The male remained extremely patient with the cub but could not stop the irritation from being written all over his face.

In a hilarious set of pictures he grits his teeth and roars as the little one continues to bother him.

Pic by Daryl Dell/Caters News

The pictures were taken by safari photography guide Daryl Dell in the Phinda Private Game Reserve in South Africa.

Daryl, 40, said: “We were about 20 yards from away from the lions when we spotted the cubs trying to play with the male lion. We knew something funny would happen.

“He was very patient with them when they were playing.

Pic by Daryl Dell/Caters News

“One of the cubs climbed on top of him and his facial expressions were priceless.

“It was really funny to watch and I was really pleased with how the photos turned out.”