Roar and peace? Incredible images show battle for dominance between mighty lions

Incredible images catch the explosive moment two kings of the jungle battled it out for dominance over the pride.

South African-born sales manager Corlette Wessels, 46, snapped the brutal fight while on a safari tour at the Sabi Sand Reserve, in the south western section of Kruger National Park, South Africa,

Pic by Corlette Wessels/Caters News

Her sequence of shots demonstrates the intense battle between the fearsome predators, with one of them finally submitting and falling onto its back.

Corlette said: “One of the males arrived much later to the pride than the other, and with the females with cubs present, I think there was some tension between them.

“They both stood up without warning and just lashed out at one another.

Pic by Corlette Wessels/Caters News

“You could just see the power of their paws as they hit each other.”

Corlette said both lions, known as the ‘Charleston Boys’, clashed for about 20 seconds.

Whilst the fight was in motion, the females and cubs nervously settled some distance away from the commotion.

Pic by Corlette Wessels/Caters News s

Corlette said she witnessed the animals squaring off at each other and said it seemed as if they were showing each other respect.

Luckily, both mighty lions walked away without injury.

Corlette said: “I’ve always wanted to see two males fight, and was extremely lucky to have been able to experience this.”