Rhino weighing 2300lb makes history as first of it’s species to undergo a CT scan for lifesaving treatment

A RHINO weighing a whopping 2300 pounds has made history becoming the first of its special to undergo a CT scan.

It took nearly 40 staff members at Brookfield Zoo in Illinois to help shift Layla after she was found to be suffering from nasal problems.

Chicago Zoological Society/Caters News

The seven-year-old critically endangered black rhino was too large to move inside the zoo’s animal hospital so the scanner was moved to her

To prepare for the CT scan procedure, the Chicago Zoological Society’s carpenters constructed a custom-made platform.

After being anaesthetized and stabilized, Layla was carefully slid onto the platform and a front-end loader was used to gently move her onto the zoo’s large surgical table.

Chicago Zoological Society/Caters News

Animal care specialists and grounds staff then carefully moved the table to the portable CT scanner.

They even did several test runs using more than 2,000 pounds of concrete in the place of Layla.

Dr. Michael Adkesson said: “The CT scan provided diagnostic results that we could not have otherwise obtained.

“The CT scan on Layla has provided us with an unparalleled look inside of her skull. The images we obtained will guide our future treatment plan.”

Chicago Zoological Society/Caters News

Layla began experiencing difficulty breathing in December 2017 and was diagnosed with obstructive sinusitis.

According to the International Rhino Foundation, in the 20th century, the black rhinoceros suffered the most drastic decline in total numbers of all rhino species. Between 1970 and 1992, the population of this species decreased by 96 percent.