Rescue elephants enjoy pianist playing Christmas carols 

Touching clips showing rescue elephants listening to Christmas carol ‘silent night’ being played to them on a piano have been released.  

With elephants being considered one of the most intelligent animal species, the clips make it very easy to see why.

Freelance artist and pianist, Paul Barton, 57, resides at Elephants World, in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. 

Pic by Caters News

Working with retired and injured elephants, Paul has a special place in his heart for the two elephants featured, Lamduan and Boonruang.

Paul said: “Lamduan is believed to have worked in the logging trade, but can walk away very quickly from the sounds she doesn’t like.

“Over the years I have played the piano for her, I have discovered she likes to listen to music close to the piano in the peaceful early hours of the morning, or before bedtime.   

“She is normally a very nervous elephant, never still, fidgeting and restless, but with soothing music, she becomes calm, still and relaxed.

“Boonruang is a very sensitive elephant.  

Pic by Caters News

“She doesn’t like to be around people  or other elephants – she had a hard life.  

“She worked as a trekking elephant and was underfed.

“It was very unexpected when she stopped to listen, but she seems to get comfort from the music.

“I always play to elephants without any restraints.

“The elephants are free to walk away, knock over the piano,  or alternately, stay and listen of their own accord.”