Red velvet deer – Magnificent moment caribou captured shedding its velvet in wild

This is the magnificent moment a deer has been captured shedding its velvet in the wild.

Gary Kramer, 70, was lucky enough to capture a barren ground caribou shedding its velvet at Denali National Park, Alaska.

PIC FROM Gary Kramer/Caters News

It is rare to capture this natural shedding on camera, and Gary was thrilled.

The wildlife biologist, from California, said: “This was very unique opportunity to photograph a barren ground caribou in Alaska on the day the animal was shedding the velvet.f

PIC FROM Gary Kramer/Caters News

“In the early fall the males rub their antlers against trees and shrubs to remove the velvet that now cover the hardened antlers that will later be used for sparing and fighting with other males during the rutting season that is approaching.

The event lasts only one day or less and after the blood dries the antlers turn brown.

PIC FROM Gary Kramer/Caters News

“I saw this bull in the morning and the velvet was mostly in place with the rubbing just beginning.

“I returned the same afternoon and took these images. I saw the bull the next day and the blood had dried, and the antlers were brown, and all the velvet was gone.”