Real life Ice Age’s Scrat stretches impossibly far for tasty nut

This cute red squirrel was caught on camera reaching impossibly far for a tasty nut – exactly like Ice Age’s Scrat.

Wildlife photographer Julian Rad, 27, captured the beautiful images in a forest in his home country of Austria.

Pic by Julian Rad/Caters News

Julian, who particularly enjoys observing squirrels, said: “Over the years I have paid a lot of attention to the behaviour of the European red squirrel, spending many hours studying and photographing them.

“I photographed the squirrel at a pond near a nut tree.

Pic by Julian Rad/Caters News

“In autumn there are many walnuts falling, and I knew the images would be special when the squirrel was reaching for the nut.

“I instantly though of Scrat, the squirrel from the movie Ice Age. It was a really funny photo session.”