Real-life garfield: Giant 33 pound adopted cat faces up to weight loss program

This adorable feline could be mistaken for a reallife Garfield, as he happens to weight a staggering 33 pounds (2 stone 4lbs).

Giant moggy Bronson was adopted by current owners Mike Wilson and his partner, Megan Hanneman, and has since been put on a target weight-loss program.


Photographs and video of loveable Bronson show just how large he is when compared to regular cats.

In one image, for example, a regular-sized cushion for a cat bed only covers the three-year-old ginger tabby’s back, like the shell of a turtle.

In another, he looks gigantic next to Megan, stretching out across his owner’s torso.

Mike, 35, and Megan, 29, who live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, adopted Bronson from their local Humane Society after his previous owner had passed away.

Mike, who runs a cat furniture business, said: “The Humane Society did an interview to make sure that whoever adopted him was going to take his weight loss seriously.


“We were lucky that the lady that interviewed us had heard of our company and was excited because she knew that we had experience with setting up a healthy lifestyle.”

Mike and Megan have set Bronson the goal of losing one pound a month, with their long-term hope being that he will eventually weight around 15 to 18 pounds.

Since Bronson was adopted a few months ago, the couple have changed the cat’s diet three times, focusing on grain-free wet food.

He is also played with more regularly – a decision Mike and Megan hope will keep Bronson active and help shed the pounds.


Over the coming weeks, the pair plan to try hydrotherapy treatment for Bronson, who has his own Instagram account, which has since received a flood of followers and positive comments.

Mike added: “We really want to create something positive out of this opportunity.

“If we can be a part of making cats healthier on a large scale that would absolutely be a dream come true.”