Real life care bears – Adorable baby cubs kiss and cuddle in ultimate sign of affection 

Anthony Goldman / Caters News

Real life care bears – these adorable baby cubs can be seen kissing and cuddling in an ultimate sign of affection.

Anthony Goldman, captured the images at Lake Clark National Park, Alaska, whilst on a group photography course with the purpose of photographing bears in their natural environment.

The Alaskan Brown Bear cubs can be seen playing, cuddling and even kissing whilst their mother hunts for their dinner in the nearby water.

Anthony said: “We observed the bears doing their normal daily activities which included fishing for salmon while the cubs watched and entertained themselves by playing, cuddling, kissing and even fighting for food – but mostly playing nicely as siblings should.

Anthony Goldman / Caters News 

“The mother was always in control and sensed what the cubs were doing, but she did give them some freedom to play.

“On occasion they wandered away and on one occasion the cubs couldn’t find their mum for almost 15 minutes, but she was able to communicate verbally and they had a happy reunion.

“There was lots of different interaction but the spring cubs who were around 7-8 months old were the most entertaining to watch.

Anthony Goldman / Caters News

“We were fortunate to be with the bears for hours at a time, there were very few people at this national park and the only access was by boat or small plane.

“We stayed for five days, and studied the bears for eight hours a day.

Anthony Goldman / Caters News

“They were aware of us as we got quite close, but we all moved together as a big group and all held a mutual respect, even the bears.”