Real life angry birds! Persistent crow drives eagle mad !

Pic by G.B Henriksen/Caters News 

That is one angry bird! These hilarious pictures show a rather annoying crow irritating an eagle.

The crow tirelessly circles the bird of prey and repeatedly lands on his head – much to the crow‘s displeasure.

The encounter was spotted by Greaves Henriksen in Tamilnadu, India.

Pic by G.B Henriksen/Caters News 

The 52-year-old amateur photographer believes the eagle was sitting close to a nest, which the crowwas trying to defend.

Greaves, a manager in a tea gardens, said: “I just couldn’t stop taking photos of this truly rare sight.

Pic by G.B Henriksen/Caters News 

“The short-toed snake eagle was perched on a branch near the nest and the crow was trying to chase him away.”