Rat race to jungle Jane: Woman quits corportate job to save animals proving it’s never too late to follow dreams

A young woman with a top advertising career in glitzy Miami quit her corporate job to save endangered animals after watching a shocking documentary on dolphin killings.


Daniela Moreno, 32, worked for a top US cable channel for seven years before she sold her car and moved to Japan in 2014, after watching hit-flick ‘The Cove’.

Realising her passion for helping animals, Daniela became executive assistant to acclaimed environmentalist Rick O’Barry at The Dolphin Project.

Earlier this year she flew to India where she volunteered with Wildlife SOS to protect elephants, leopards, reptiles, bears and other wild animals.

Then she worked in African lion conservation in Zimbabwe.


Daniela, originally from Santa Barbara, Bolivia, said: “I feel I gave up part of that world because it wasn’t for me anymore.

“It didn’t matter if they offered me a counter offer or a promotion.

“When I finally quit my job, it was because I’d come to the realisation that my life had to continue somewhere and someplace else.

“I’m not sure where my adventurous side from.


“My parents are always a bit worried about my trips and crazy adventures, so definitely not from them.

“I believe we should always live our lives as if was our last day on Earth.”

While travelling the world Daniela is studying for an MBA in Global Communications from The American University of Paris.

She added: “Most of my travel is funded by my savings.


“I worked very hard for seven years and was able to save some money, and for me the best way to spend money is by traveling, exploring and helping others.”

The animal activist shares her adventures online @imdanimoreno and hopes to turn it into a full-time business.

She said: “I decided to document my work as an activist.

“Recently a couple of brands approached me, they liked my message, my content and my pictures and they wanted to work with me.

“That’s when it all changed for me.


“I was so happy and excited. I can finally say I’m an animal and environmental activist.

“I know this will become the job I always dreamed of having.

“Travelling while creating awareness, helping the voiceless and having the support of amazing brands by sponsoring me.”