rare sight of sparrow hawk scrap as youngsters steal branch from adult rival

Pic by Nigel Robinson/Caters News 

Two birds of prey were captured battling it out in a vicious contest for a branch to perch on.

Photographer and project manager of Scottish Photography Hides, Nigel Robinson, 57, from Newbiggin By The Sea, Northumberland, snapped the scrap.

The fight between a pair of Sparrowhawks broke out earlier this month in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, when a young bird chanced his luck to snatch a branch from an elder.

Nigel said: “The adult male landed on the branch and within a second the juvenile came in and I managed to capture the attack as it happened.

Pic by Nigel Robinson/Caters News 

“The juvenile chased off the adult and sat around for another 15 minutes before flying off.

“The adult taken by surprise is rising up to face the young Sparrowhawk and the start of the attack.

“The actual attack with the two birds mainly in focus is a very rarely seen event.

“The words I spoke at the time cannot be printed and then followed with a ‘Wow!’ and ‘OMG’.

“Yes I really did speak these words despite me being alone in the hide.

Pic by Nigel Robinson/Caters News 

“I knew I had captured something really special but when reviewing the shots, the first couple were blurred images.

“I felt really despondent, thinking I had missed a fantastic opportunity then I saw these two and it was ‘Yes, yes yes!’

“I was buzzing then and I am still buzzing now.”