Quite the goal-getter! Moggy can’t stop pretending to be goalkeeper in hilarious sequence of clips and images

A cute cat who constantly reaches upwards appears to be mimicking a goal keeper in this hilarious sequence of clips and images.

‘Goal Kitty’ – also known as Keys – is a 10-year-old moggy from Dana Point, California, US, and loves to pose for pictures with her paws outstretched.

Pic by Goalkitty/Caters News

Her owner Peter Mares, 50, said his cat naturally began performing the move without being prompted and has now racked up tens of thousands of online fans for her unusual habit.

Fourth grade Peter said: “It’s difficult to remember exactly when she first started doing her stretch, but I would guess it was from when my Bassett Hound, Pippi, was still alive around eight years ago.

Pic by Goalkitty/Caters News

“I think Keys may have learned it from Pippi from when she would lift herself up to the counter sniffing for scraps.

“I was amazed when she first did it and wanted her to keep doing it because it was so funny and so I could film it.

Pic by Goalkitty/Caters News

“It wasn’t long until she realised that whenever I pointed my cell phone camera towards her it was showtime.

“I used to repeat some phrases at her to do the stretch, but now she just recognises the camera and responds to a whistle most of the time.”

Peter adopted Goal Kitty when she was just 11 weeks old.

Pic by Goalkitty/Caters News

Following the discovery of Keys’ unique talent, the doting dad set up a ‘Goal Kitty’ Instagram which now boasts more than 78,000 followers.

Peter said: “My friend Kira submitted a picture of Keys to the website Imgur and Keys ended up as the number one photo on there.

Pic by Goalkitty/Caters News

“Ever since, fans have inquired about her funny talent.

“From that we created the Goal Kitty name – not too shabby for an alley cat.”