Purrr-fect nap! Adorable video shows cat and baby lizard cuddle each other to sleep

Adorable footage shows an inseparable cat and baby bearded dragon cuddling each other to sleep after forming an unlikely friendship.


Owner Cheyenne March, 20, was worried her cat would gobble the baby lizard up as a small snack when they first met nine months ago.

But after Charles the bearded dragon went for a cuddle with Baby the cat, aged four, the pair immediately became inseparable.

They are best friends and do everything together, from going for walks outside to cuddling one another until they fall asleep.

Their unlikely friendship has now attracting thousands of fans across social media.

Cheyenne, a navy-housewife from Johnstown in Pennsylvania, USA, believes Charles likes the warmth from Baby and Baby likes the texture of Charles’ body.

She said: “I thought that could never be friends but remarkably they really seem to care for one another.


“I thought the cat would try to attack the tail of Charles our bearded dragon but it never happened and now it’s a real surprise that they’re so close.

“The first time they saw one another the cat rubbed against our bearded dragon.

“Then when the cat was asleep in a ball the lizard left my lap and climbed in for a cuddle.

“Now they share a little cat hut while they have naps and I often find them cuddling on the sofa fast asleep.

“They go outside together for little strolls, watch birds together from the window, stare down our postman and then cuddle up to go for a nap – they’re absolutely adorable.

“I thought it was so cute when I first saw them together, I would never have guessed that they would be so close.”