Purfect family pawtrait! Bengal tiger cubs cuddle up to mum in adorable shots

It’s all fur in love and war in this collection of snaps – showing the highs and lows of family life when you’re a Bengal Tiger.

These adorable cubs went from having their teeth bared as they headed off in pursuit of their dinner to snuggling up and posing for a purr-fect family paw-trait with mum Arrowhead, five, in the space of minutes.

Pic by Andy Rouse/Caters News

Wildlife photographer Andy Rouse, 54, snapped the images at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in India, where he devotes his time to the animals.

Andy said: “This is the first time anyone has seen these cubs so clearly.

Pic by Andy Rouse/Caters News

“These are very very unique pictures of the first big adventure for a new family.

“Arrowhead appeared over a small hill with the two cubs walking shyly behind her – they were shy and nervous but they still had enough mischief to play a little.

Pic by Andy Rouse/Caters News

“It was a wonderful moment of elation as I’ve seen Arrowhead from a young nervous cub herself.

“She is one amazing tiger and is real Ranthambhore Royalty.”