Puppy love! Adorable smitten pooches frolic on the beach!

PIC FROM Caters News

And they call it…puppy love! These adorable smitten pooches frolicking on the beach will melt your heart.

The besotted mutts took a romantic stroll on the sandy beach with a bone attached to some red Valentines balloons, playfully chasing each other around.

Uva, an 11-month-old chocolate labrador, couldn’t keep her eyes off her handsome pal Knox, a black labrador, as they leapt around in the sand.

The adorable video was taken by Uva’s owner, Filipe Castro Matos, 27, when he took the cute pups on a date to the beach.

Filipe, a marketing manager from Lisbon, said: “I think that now Uva is getting older, Knox is more interested in her – but I think for Uva, he’s just another friend to play with!

“Knox belongs to a friend of mine, and he and Uva like to play with each other.

PIC FROM Caters News 

“It’s not every day you go to the beach with your best buddy, and even get bones with balloons!

“The heart shape balloons are a tradition of Valentine’s Day, and I wanted to share the love with the dogs too.

PIC FROM Caters News 

“I think the date went well – Knox kept trying it on, but Uva was a bit of a tease!

“Uva’s a really friendly and playful dog, and her reactions are simply hilarious.”