Puppy faces off against himself in mirror while elder brother watches on in disappointment

A tiny puppy faces off against himself in the mirror while his elder brother watches on in disappointment in hilarious footage.

The video of Gus, a baby French bulldog, was captured by Kallie Bashor in Pennsylvania, USA

“He is a hilarious little meatball who is kind of nervous about things,” said Kallie.

The curious pup stumbled upon a mirror in the house and wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.

“He actually thought he had discovered a puppy intruder who happened to look exactly like him!”

True to his nervous nature Gus immediately decided to hide behind the safety of the wall upon seeing the introduer.

Eventually though he garnered up enough courage to bark at the intruder- which attracted the interested of his elder brother.

Tank, thinking his younger brother was in trouble, immediately arrived on the scene to investigate.

“Gus often feels more comfortable when his big brother Tank is around.”

Gus, now reassured by the presence his elder brother, let off a few more barks and charged at the intruder.

After briefly watching on in bitter disappointment Tank decided to leave.

Gus, now realising that he was alone again, decided to immediately run away.

“I thought it was the perfect video description of Gus and Tank in a nutshell.”