Pup-star fast becoming world’s most prolific four legged advert extra after dozens of campaigns

An adorable pooch is fast becoming the world’s most prolific four-legged advert extra after appearing in dozens of campaigns.

Pet-eran of the screen, Charlie Rubinstein, first started modelling at just a few months old and after appearing in his local newspaper, his career in front of the camera took off.

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Now at two years old, Charlie has appeared in over 50 advert campaigns for a variety of different companies across the world, including a Ralph Lauren inspired shoot, as well as a number of children’s clothing and hair brands.

His owners, Esther, 30, and Charles, 29, have lost count of how many adverts Charlie has featured within but now only take on two new jobs each month so their pooch gets some time to rest.

Charlie, a pedigree Bichon, – who is paid for his work by treats and lots of cuddles – loves nothing more than posing with his human models.

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Esther, from Brooklyn, New York, said: “We adopted Charlie three years ago and it’s the best decision we ever made.

“It all started when a local photographer took some photos of Charlie for a children’s advert and after that, his talent in front of the camera became well known.

“He doesn’t get paid for his work but instead receives lots of treats and attention as well as the photos in return.

“We get special packages of treats and toys in the mail addressed to ‘Charlie Rubinstein.’

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“He gets more mail than we do! Whenever a box arrives, he is the first to come and investigate.

“Charlie’s even gotten several wedding invitations addressed to him, it’s crazy but so lovely that he’s so loved.

“Due to the line of work he’s in Charlie has dozens of outfits and costumes but he doesn’t like wearing any of them.

“We’ll dress him in something for a photo shoot and then take it right off.

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“The only article of clothing he enjoys wearing is a warm winter coat and furry lined boots in the cold weather.

“We’ve taken part in so many amazing shoots but Charlie loved the Ralph Lauren-inspired shoot.

“The wardrobe style was very preppy and school boy-ish, and was located in a university that looked just like Hogwarts from Harry Potter.

“We also loved being part of the J Feder Jewelers campaign because we were invited to stay with the Feder family in Boca Raton, Florida.”

Charlie’s obedient nature allows him to be the perfect extra for photoshoots and advert campaigns.

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Esther added: “Charlie knows that as soon as we get the perfect shot he gets a treat so he’s very well behaved.

“But Charlie is very discriminating in the foods he eats, he expects to be served the best of the best.

“And that means home-cooked meals of the finest meats.”

Charlie is so famous in his local area due to his modelling work that strangers will often stop and greet him in the street.

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Esther added: “I have recently dyed Charlie’s ears pink as he loved standing out in the crowd so much.

“When I drive with Charlie at the window, people we pass on the street call out ‘hey! Is that Charlie?’

“The dog with pink ears has become so popular in our area that everyone knows it’s Charlie.”

Charlie who is also a therapy dog and Instagram star has over 6,000 followers.

Esther, a therapist for children with special needs, said: “Charlie’s Instagram page was initially started by my husband Charles, who is a photographer himself, and wanted to have an Instagram page dedicated to cute photos he’d taken of Charlie.

“But before long I had hijacked the page and dedicated it to sharing the daily adventures of our lovable Charlie with the whole world.

“Charlie is also an amazing therapy dog because he has such a deep unconditional love for people.

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“He is also very obedient and if he is instructed to sit or lay with someone, he will happily oblige.

“We visit old age homes, clinics, special needs schools, so Charlie can cheer up the people there. The residents, patients, and students absolutely delight in cuddling with Charlie and getting him to do his cute little tricks.”