Pumpkin pie-thon! Snake born with very spooky patterned skin

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This is one sss-pooky looking snake!

If snakes weren’t scary enough – here’s one with a scary jack o’lantern branded on it’s skin.

Zoo Creatures / Caters News

‘Pumpkin’, the three-month-old python regius, was born with unique orange and black patches on it’s mostly white skin.

Despite having most of his body covered in orange patches, the spot that gave him his name was the centre ‘pumpkin’ patch.

Kevin McCurley, who sold Pumpkin to it’s owner, said: “Everyone loves Pumpkin because he is a unique animal with widespread appeal.

Zoo Creatures / Caters News

“He has provided great exposure for his species and I am happy to see that such an animal is so appreciated.

“We breed this genetic Piebald mutation and sometimes we happen to produce ones with interesting character and unique “faces”.”