Pug and chick are best friends! This chick may be called KFC but it’s definitely not the dogs dinner

These are the PAW-some images of a pug and a chick who have struck up an unlikely friendship.

Pug and Chick are best friends

Lovable pug, Fugly, and cute chick, KFC, cuddle up together

The fluffy yellow chick and its pug pal can be seen cuddling up to one another, snoozing next to each other and posing for the camera. The cute chick can even be seen planting a ‘peck’ on the pup’s cheek.

Love at first sight: The pair instantly hit off after being introduced to one another by their owners

The cute companions were introduced to one another when they were both just a few weeks old and have been inseparable ever since.

Pug and Chick are best friends

The adorable pair are seen cuddling, kissing and napping together

The pug named Fugly and chick called KFC, were introduced by their owners who live next door to one another in the Philippines.

Pug and Chick are best friends

Owner, Tim Ho, had no idea the animals would become such good friends when they were introduced as a fun experiment

Fugly’s owner Tim Ho, who captured these adorable images, explained how he and his neighbour both bought the animals as pets around the same time and introduced them to each other to see how they’d react.

To their surprise KFC and Fugly almost immediately bonded. He said the fact that the pug, now 15 months old, wasn’t yet territorial over his new home helped make it easier for them to develop their blossoming friendship.

Tim said: “As soon as they were let loose, KFC would follow Fugly everywhere.

“Fugly was a bit apprehensive at first but he wasn’t territorial or fierce so we allowed it to continue.

“We didn’t need to encourage them to interact, every time Fugly slept or sat down, KFC would crawl underneath his tummy, his favourite resting place.”