Pucker up! – Adorable moment dolphin kisses diver on the lips 

Pucker up! – This is the adorable moment a dolphin kisses a diver on the lips.

Pic by Dmitry Vasyanovich/Caters News

Dmitry Vasyanovich, 48, was scuba diving near the Grand Bahama Island, the northernmost of the islands of the Bahamas, when he received a surprise visit.

Just as he the group were about to resurface, a dolphin approached and looked eager to play.

After posing for the camera, the dolphin swan even closer to Dmitry before the pair exchanged a kiss.

Dmitry, from Moscow, Russia, said: “It was a specially organized diving safari to observe tiger and hammerhead sharks when we were almost ready to get up and finish the dive we suddenly saw the dolphin.

“He was really curious and playful and it looked like he was enjoying posing for the camera.

Pic by Dmitry Vasyanovich/Caters News

“It was a great and unexpected experience and if I had the chance I would do it all over again.”