Proud owner documents pooch’s pug-nancy with hilarious professional photoshoot

An Australian dog owner celebrated the miracle of life by documenting her pug’s pregnancy and birth with a gallery of hilarious professional photographs.

Registered pug breeder Bec Panthera was so excited her dogs Nala, three, and Simba, four, were expecting she decided to document their momentous leap into pug-parenthood with an adorable album of professional maternity photographs.

The 33-year-old from Sydney, harnessed her creative photography skills for the project and captured the entire journey – including a hilarious pregnancy announcement, a glamourous maternity photoshoot and an adorable gallery of elegant newborn photographs.

Bec said: “I’ve always absolutely adored pugs.

“I got my boy Simba first in 2015 to just have as a companion.

PIC FROM Panthera Pugs and Frenchies / Caters News

“But they’re just so cute, and so popular, So I decided to go down the path of becoming a registered breeder.

“Then I got my girl Nala in 2016.

“They’re both such beautiful and lovely pugs and are a great representation of the breed.

“I was so excited when we found out Nala was pregnant in April 2018.

PIC FROM Panthera Pugs and Frenchies / Caters News

Pug puppies are just so adorable. I was over the moon.”

Zookeeper Bec said she drew inspiration from browsing through galleries of ‘stunning’ human maternity and newborn photoshoots online – and applied a similar artistic approach to her photographs.

She said: “I do a bit of a photography for a hobby, so I decided to document their entire pregnancy.

“My inspiration all came from looking up maternity photoshoots online.

PIC FROM Panthera Pugs and Frenchies / Caters News

“I thought if pregnant mothers and newborn babies could have those types of photos, why not pugs?

“So I just recreated those elegant type of professional photographs.

“We started with the hilarious pregnancy announcement.

“I’ve seen people do that like movie posters and I wanted to do the same.

PIC FROM Panthera Pugs and Frenchies / Caters News

“Then we got Nala dressed up for a glamorous pregnancy photoshoot. She loved it.

“Then once the puppies were born, I decided to take some newborn photos.

“I’m really happy with how they turned out.

“They’re so used to taking their photos taken and they’re the best models.

“It’s gotten to the point now where my boy Simba will go and pose on the couch, so I can take a photo in hopes he will get a treat.

PIC FROM Panthera Pugs and Frenchies / Caters News

“They’re just the best dogs.”

Dog lover Bec, who is also mum to French bulldog Fox, 8 months, said the photographs were to commemorate her pooch’s pregnancy and would serve as a keepsake for when the five puppies Moose, Panther, Monkey, Wolf and Mouse, are taken to their forever homes.

She said: “It’s going to be so hard to say goodbye to the puppies.

PIC FROM Panthera Pugs and Frenchies / Caters News

“But we always make sure that they’re going to good homes.“We will stay in touch with their new owners too.“The photographs will be something to hold on to forever.”