Pretty in pink: Stunning images capture flamboyant flamingos in all their glory

These extraordinary images bring a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘pretty in pink’.

Pretty In Pink Flamingoes

Pretty in pink: photographer Andrey Gudkov manages to capture the birds in all their glory

Captured congregating in their thousands, the brightly coloured birds are able to transform the skyline as far as the eye can see.

Pretty In Pink Flamingoes

The brightly coloured birds get their colour from the organisms they eat

Known for their vivid pink plumage, the long legged waders get their unique colour from the pigmentation found in the organisms they eat.

Pretty In Pink Flamingoes

Phenomenal flocks: The flamboyant animals are known for gathering in their thousands

Taken by Russian photographer, Andrey Gudkov, 42, the wildlife lover visited various lakes in Africa and Brazil to photograph one of nature’s most stunning spectacles.

Pretty In Pink Flamingoes

Taken in Africa and Brazil, the flamingos can change the skyline as far as the eye can see

In fact, during mating season, it has been known for over one million individual flamingos to appear in a single gathering.

Andrey said: “Flamingos are one of the most impressive birds to photograph.

“They are big, brightly coloured and their unusual shape, in particular their long legs and neck, makes for a great photography subject.

“It’s amazing when they gather in such huge colonies, it really adds scale to an image.

“It’s important to follow careful rules so that you don’t frighten the birds whilst you’re taking pictures of them as each species is different.

“As a photographer, I must stay cool and calm and I know not to have make any sharp moves.

“Of course their stunning colour is what makes them really special, they get their pink colour from small red maxillopod which contain carotinoid.

“In Kenya, the birds are very cautious and and won’t let you get closer than 30 metres but in Cuba you can sometimes get close to photograph their eggs.

“They are truly one of my favourite animals to photograph, when you see them gathering in such huge numbers it really takes your breath away.”