Poodle held prisoner in basement its entire life finally gets to see the outdoors

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poodle who has spent her entire life locked in a tiny cage in a basement can’t contain her excitement to finally see the outside world.

BB the poodle, was found at a puppy mill, in North Carolina, and ever since she was born had been kept in a small create alongside another 150 dogs, who were all in a similar condition.

BB was rescued from the puppy mill, in Charlotte, last year has never been outside, seen sunlight or felt grass before she was rescued by The humane Society of the United States.

The dog was kept in a small, wire cage and her rescuers believe that she may have had several litters of puppies herself.

PIC FROM Caters News 

Jessica Lauginiger, animal crimes manager at HSUS told the dodo: “She was so tiny, and she looked like this helpless creature.”

“I put my hand up to the cage and she would come up and sniff a bit but she was very hesitant for human attention, but she wanted it.”

All of the animals were removed from the property, with the help of local law enforcement, and taken to Cabarrus Animal Hospital, in Kannapolis, where BB meet her new owner, Brenda Tortoreo.

PIC FROM Caters News 

Brenda couldn’t resist taking BB home, and said:

“She looked pitiful. She was scared to death… And I said, ‘That’s the one I’m going to take home.'”

“She never knew what sun or grass was, and she was terrified of it. When I put B.B. down on the floor, and she kept going in circles — not running, but walking because I guess that’s all she knew.”

PIC FROM Caters News 

But things have changed drastically for BB, who now has the freedom and love she has always wanted.

Brenda said: “she runs around the house and she eats like crazy. She loves the grass now, and she loves playing with the other dogs in the backyard.

“She was originally 3 and a half pounds but I think she’s about 10 pounds now.

“About three weeks ago she started licking me  and she’d never done that before, she’s really come out of her shell.

“She’s my little princess.”

PIC FROM Caters News