POL-AWWW BEARS! Adorable photographs show polar bear family keeping warm

These adorable photographs show a polar bear family keeping warm in the blistering cold.

The family, which composes of a mother and two cubs, can be seen snuggling together to keep warm in the bitter climate.


Alongside keeping warm, the cubs can also be seen embracing their mother and climbing aboard her back as they embark on their next adventure in the snow.

These cute photographs were taken by Vince Burton at Wapusk National Park, in Manitoba, Canada.

Vince, 44, said: “It is such a privilege to be there and to witness this, not many people get the opportunity to see a polar bear and its cubs in the world.

“Even less so possibly going forward as the ice is literally melting from beneath their feet and they are struggling to find food.

“Its always rewarding when you treat the wildlife with respect, don’t upset it or scare it, then it just behaves naturally in front of you as if you weren’t even there.

“My favourite pictures are always those that show natural behaviour or interaction, so I love the shot of the cub looking at its mum, and the shots of the cubs playing.”